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How We Work

The Foundation funds a small number of projects which are identified through our networks, relationships and research. We seek to be a proactive funder and do not accept unsolicited applications.

We recognise that the best way to provide support for a project is to tap into the experience, expertise and knowledge of local groups and other similarly minded organisations in order to achieve success in our projects. We know that in this way we are collaborating with passionate and dedicated people. The Foundation understands that local projects are the best delivery mechanisms for change and it seeks to work in partnership with them rather than “go it alone”.

Sustainability of projects is a key feature of the work of the Foundation and we aim to nurture organisations to become more self-reliant. In funding projects which provide an example of good practice for other organisations, the Foundation hopes that they will act as catalysts for local communities, attract other sources of funding and therefore be replicated in other geographical areas.

As mentioned we identify potential new projects through our own trustees, research and networks but if you genuinely believe that your project fits with the work of the Foundation, you may send a brief email to describing your organisation and its work. A project co-ordinator will then review this with the trustees and respond back to you.

Currently the Foundation only funds projects based in the UK, Hungary and Laos.

What we don't fund

There are some things that we don’t fund at all, so in order to save you time, please check our exclusion list below.

  • Individuals or organisations applying on behalf of individuals
  • Large charities (both national and local) already enjoying widespread support
  • Statutory bodies
  • Hospitals, health authorities or hospices
  • Medical care, medical equipment or medical research
  • Universities or colleges including research projects
  • Nurseries, playgroups or crèches
  • One-off holidays, residential stays, trips, exhibitions, conferences, events etc.
  • Animal charities
  • Endowment appeals
  • Projects that are already completed