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Bio-briquette Production Programme to alleviate energy poverty

Energy poverty is one of the key factors that keeps disadvantaged communities in extreme destitution. According to Habitat Hungary (2015), 946 thousand people could not properly heat their homes during the wintertime due to financial issues. To break this vicious trend, several communities have experimented with bio-briquette production to see if bio-briquettes could be an alternative and cheap heating source.

As these programmes have been set up independently from each other, no conclusive results have been produced on the overall sustainability and efficiency. This project aims to fill in this gap by closely following and measuring manufacturing and usage in different communities so that the equipment can be tested and the most efficient processes can be identified. To support the initiative, Badur Foundation has provided the necessary equipment (pulp mixer and press) to several partners. In close cooperation with them, we also document production practices, collect and analyse data and share best practices across the localities. Our ultimate aim is to find out whether bio-briquette manufacturing can be a standalone and sustainable project to alleviate energy poverty.

Past and current partners: