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Springboard Programme - 2017 Incubating social enterprises

In February 2017, Badur Foundation re-launched its Social Enterprise Competition in cooperation with NESsT to identify and  develop social enterprises that improve the employment chances and livelihood of people in deep poverty. The competition provides organisations or teams working in highly disadvantaged communities with vital professional and financial support for starting a new social enterprise. 


The Call for Application was launched in 2017 February and close to twenty applications were received. After the thorough assessment of the applications, Badur selected six organisations and commissioned NESsT to provide a 5-month training and one-on-one mentoring to elaborate their business plans.

The selected organisations and teams were the following:

- Bagázs Association, Bag

- Fényhozók programme, Baks

- Kiút programme, Szabolcs-Szatmár County

- “Lehetőség a Családoknak 2005” Foundation, Mosonmagyaróvár

- NMCKKSzSz, Bátonyterenye

- Romama Social Cooperative, Lak

In November 2017, the final business plans were presented in front of the Evaluation Committee.


Based on the pitches received, the Board of Trustees selected Bagázs Association as the winner of the Springboard 2017 programme. Throughout 2018, Bagázs will receive incubation support in order to launch their mobile charity shop. The mobile shop will provide access to quality clothing at a very affordable price for underprivileged communities in Pest County, in addition to creating employment opportunities for two salespersons. In the long run, the mobile shop will be complemented by a charity shop in Budapest which will not only further enhance the shop’s social impact but will also strengthen the financial vitality of the two complementary business initiatives. As part of the incubation support, Bagazs will develop a business plan for the charity shop in Budapest and will have the opportunity to present it to the Trustees.

The Trustees also awarded further incubation help to Kiút so that they can implement their business initiative. Kiút’s business intends to bridge the gap between firms experiencing labour shortages and long term unemployed persons. The social enterprise is expected to help place 100 persons annually on the formal labour market.

Last, but not least, NMCKKSzSz was awarded additional mentoring to fine-tune their business plan of a family-friendly café, in order to strengthen their project’s sustainability.