News: New endemic Sea Lavender found in Malta

This flowering plant is unique to Malta and is considered an endangered species.

The Sea Lavender was described for the first time in a scientific paper published in October 2023. This new endemic species, named Limonium lanfrancoi, is only found in a small area within the Maltese archipelago and is unique to the world.

It was found by a team from the University of Malta and the Università di Catania, who stated that the plant has developed in an isolated environment, where species often adapt to their new, harsher climates.

With temperatures rising in Malta, the University teams will study the characteristics of the Sea Lavender to understand whether these can improve crop production.

The work has been praised by the Maltese authorities for shining a light on Malta's rich native biodiversity, noting the increase in new native species being discovered in the last few years.


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