Our Aims

We aim to nurture change at the grassroots level, working towards a fairer and more sustainable future.

Current research has shown a marked decline in social mobility, alongside rising income and wealth inequalities. On top of this, we are witnessing a proliferation of global crises. In order to maximise our impact and resources within this context, we partner with local teams, charities and social enterprises.

We have two central themes for our work: Tackling poverty and inequality, along with addressing environmental challenges.

/  Tackling Poverty and Inequality

Tackling poverty and inequality is complex and requires multiple approaches at all levels. We have considered where our support can make the most difference and prioritise initiatives aimed at:

Increasing Education
High-quality education can have a transformative impact on life chances and opportunities. We support formal, informal and community-based initiatives that strive to ensure those disadvantaged in society have the necessary experience, support and guidance to reach their potential.
Improving Prospects
Charities and social enterprises can play a key part in connecting people and communities. We prioritise those that help people holistically, in order to improve their quality of life for the long term. This includes gaining the relevant training, qualifications and skills to find meaningful work, and to progress once in employment.

/  Addressing Environmental Challenges

Human activity has deeply altered the world’s ecosystems. The impact of environmental degradation can already be seen on a local and global level, proceeding at an unprecedented rate. Whilst it’s something that affects us all, vulnerable communities are likely to be hit disproportionately.

We seek to drive positive local change by supporting initiatives that target the following areas:

Access to nature
Spending time in green spaces can have a beneficial impact on health and wellbeing but many people face barriers to accessing the environment. We support initiatives that reconnect communities with nature and ensure that no matter where you live, wildlife and its associated benefits are within reach.
Sustainable food systems
We need to transform how we grow and produce food, with our current systems being imbalanced and unsustainable for both people and planet. We prioritise initiatives that result in less food waste, healthier soil and ecosystems, and affordable healthy food for all.
We have already lost a considerable number of keystone species that are vital for keeping our soil, trees, rivers and oceans healthy. In order to create a better balance with nature, we support organisations that strive to restore local ecosystems, as well as educational initiatives that increase environmental awareness and stewardship.