At the Badur Foundation, we value collaboration.

We understand that dedicated local people are the best delivery mechanisms for progress and change, and we seek to work in partnership with them rather than “go it alone”. You can see the grassroots organisations we currently fund.

We also look for partnerships with other like minded organisations and individuals, including co-funders, sector networks, delivery partners, and intermediary organisations with whom we can work closely. This includes individuals or organisations that can provide tailored support, training and/or mentorship to our grantees in a variety of areas; from governance and organisational development through to overcoming specific organisational challenges.

We regularly share information about what we're doing with other funders and value the opportunity to learn from them in return. Please get in touch  if you would like to discuss an opportunity to collaborate. 

/  Our current partners

Association of Charitable Foundations
Erstes Bank
Devon Environment Foundation
Flow Alapitvany
Roma Versitas
Vonne Membership Member