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Developing a Mini Adventure Park An inclusive entertainment space in Pécs

With the Power of Humanity Foundation is an independent charitable organisation in Pécs, which focuses on running human rights education programmes, promoting democratic values and supporting deprived communities. The Foundation started its work in 2010 in the Eastern, segregated part of Pécs.

Initially, they mainly implemented leisure activities, then they launched a Youth Club and an After-school programme. They also play an important role in the development of charitable organisations working in the region.

In early 2018, the Foundation prepared a new social business idea to develop a mini adventure park in the outdoor areas of the After-School. In this new facility, they hope to offer tailored entertainment for local families and team building activities for companies, in order to generate extra income for their charitable activities. Under the Hatchery Programme 2018, a pilot plan was devised to launch a new social enterprise in 2019. The Trustees of Badur Foundation welcomed the concept and awarded financial support to cover the costs of the first childcare professional’s training and further professional support to develop a business plan for the longer term.

The first staff training was completed successfully in May 2019 and 14 new members joined the organisation. The team have implemented several events so far, such as a city game for a group of children from Budapest, a Children’s Day focusing on social inclusion, and some outdoor birthday parties for local children. They also organised their first inclusive camp attended by children from a range of social backgrounds in June.

In parallel to the entertainment events, the organisation started to develop the prospective mini adventure park. Volunteers from the corporate sector helped them to renew the garden, to make practical garden furniture and to build a new tree-house for children. In addition, the organisation successfully fundraised for a mobile climbing wall, which was installed in the summer.

In autumn, the organisation successfully attracted new customers and managed to exceed its initial revenue plan. All in all, the first year has been very promising and the organisation is keen to expand its income generating services.