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Employment of Community Assistants To enhance the impact of a complex educational programme

The interlinked problems of segregation, a malfunctioning education system, unemployment and poverty create a vicious circle for the marginalised community of Csobánka that prevents social mobility and leads to generations of disadvantage. Csodaműhely Association would like to tackle this problem by running a Complex Educational Programme targeting infants, children, teenagers and adults alike.

The Complex Educational Programme currently has three main pillars:

  • Toy Play Hub – creating an inclusive centre where Roma and non-Roma parents and their children (0-10 years) can play, develop and forge friendships.
  • Afterschool Programme – developing competences of school-aged children via individual tutoring, mentoring and community events.
  • Adult Education Programme – providing an opportunity for adults who dropped out early from school to finish their primary education, attain vocational certificates and advance their employment.

The work of the Association enjoys wide-spread support throughout the community, as they celebrate their 8th year of establishment. However, some programme elements are less embedded in the local community due to their more recent introduction. In addition, it is common that information about programmes does not reach underprivileged families. In some cases, the organisation has also faced organisational challenges due to capacity shortages.

To help address these challenges, the Foundation is supporting the employment of three community assistants for one year (October 2019 – October 2020). The pilot will test whether the employment of community assistants can lead to a smoother operation and greater impact of the Complex Educational Programme by ensuring: information reaches all families, community members better understand which opportunities are available, plus they are motivated and supported to take full advantage of the programmes. The programme also aims to provide development opportunities for the community assistants whose professional trajectory could take a new turn, after gaining valuable experience in the charity sector.