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Expanding the community centre Infrastructural development in Csörög

Since 2013, Mahájána Foundation has offered vital educational support to children coming from vulnerable families in Csörög. In 2015, Badur Foundation awarded Mahájána with an infrastructural grant that was used to acquire their own building. This created a stable base for Mahájána to further develop their activities for children and families.

The new building quickly became a cherished home to over 30 children who regularly visited Mahájána’s educational sessions on Saturdays. In parallel, Mahájána organised additional mentoring sessions for the children in partnership with the Piarist High School in Vác and continued its community building work with parents and carers via the Parents’ Club.

The intensity and impact of their educational activities could be further strengthened when Mahájána successfully bid for a state grant (VEKOP) in 2017. This grant enabled them to increase the number of educational sessions from one to four times a week, organise additional workshops such as dance classes and storytelling afternoons, and offer cultural trips for the families. With the increased variety of activities, the number of children attending also grew steadily and reached a point, where the ground floor of the community centre could no longer accommodate the children.

To meet this need, Badur Foundation awarded a new grant to Mahájána which they can use for the refurbishment of the community centre attic. The works were completed and the attic was inaugurated in December 2018. With this development, Mahájána is able to serve its students with increased comfort and efficiency, hold community events accommodating bigger groups, and last, but not least the infrastructural development also increased the energy efficiency of the building by improving its insulation.

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Banner photos on project webpage: Tamás Bitai

Other images: Facebook page of the Csörögi Tanoda