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In 2018, Badur Foundation launched an innovative Programme to support teams working in impoverished communities to allow them to create sustainable social enterprise ideas. The HATCHERY programme offered support at the very early stages of business idea generation and validation through professional workshops and individual mentoring.

The programme was carried out in cooperation with SIMPACT. The Call for Application was launched in March 2018 and close to 20 applications were received. After thorough assessment of the applications, Badur selected five organisations and commissioned SIMPACT to provide five-months of training and tailored mentoring to further develop the social enterprise ideas.

The selected organisations and teams are:

Four workshops were held to help teams structure and evaluate their business idea using the core elements of the Canvas Business Model. In addition, each team received vital individual support by pro bono mentors. The final presentation was held on November 8th, when teams summarised their progress and pitched for further support.


Based on the final pitches, the Trustees awarded tailored support to each organisation.

„Acceptance Bakery” run by Monor Tabán Producer Social Cooperative produces home-made cakes from natural ingredients sold on local markets and via resellers such as local restaurants. The Bakery currently employs three local women from the Monor Tabán settlement as public workers, but their ultimate goal is grow the business to a scale when the profits are sufficient to provide dignified wages to their employees. In order to support this growth, the bakery was awarded financial support to upgrade their equipment. In addition, the team will receive further professional support via a professional baker. The aim is to standardise their production, which is vital for ensuring quality control and a prerequisite for stable sales.

With the power of humanity Foundation devised a pilot plan that focuses on generating extra income for their charitable activities by turning their after-school building into a community space. In this new facility, they hope to offer tailored entertainment for local families and team bulding activities for companies. The Trustees awarded financial support to cover the costs of the first animators’ training and further professional support to develop a business plan for the long term.

Another participant in the programme, No Bad Kid also received further professional mentoring to detail their financial plan. The organisation currently supports disadvantaged kids with behavioural difficulties using a cutting-edge method of therapy. They intend to offer their professional services to middle class families and schools, and from the extra revenue they will finance their charitable projects.

Amigos for children also aimed to find a way to generate additional income for the organisation. Through the Hatchery programme, they explored the possibility to design and sell branded products first among their immediate supporters and later among a wider customer base. The Foundation awarded legal and accounting consultancy to support this project.

Last but not least, the National Association of Roma Women of the 21st Century received partial financial support so that they can open a community space in Nyíregyháza. This venue, on the one hand, would function as a place of intercultural encounters and on the other hand, it could provide much needed training and internship opportunities for disadvantaged youngsters.

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