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Opening a Workwear Factory Harnessing the talent of the local community

Having successfully participated in the inaugural Springboard Programme, Badur Foundation awarded professional support to Let’s Help Each Other Association. The Association plans to open a workwear factory in the settlement of Pécs-Somogy in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Pécs city.

The educational and employment indicators of Pécs-Somogy fall behind the city average: the unemployment rate is above 50% and 38% of the local inhabitants only finished primary school. The housing conditions are also significantly poorer in this settlement. Let’s Help Each Other Association has been present in the neighbourhood since 2003 and was successful in creating several clubs that have provided meaningful past time engagement for the local community such as as community gardening, cooking and sewing.

The professionalism of the participants in the sewing club was instrumental in inspiring the Association to look for business ideas that could lead to long-term and stable employment opportunities. Through the 2016 Springboard Programme, the Association received valuable professional support from NESsT to set out the business plan for a workwear factory in Pécs-Somogy.

To detail the business plan and assist with fundraising, Badur Foundation awarded another year of professional guidance in cooperation with NESsT in 2016-2017. Due to the size of the project, the start up costs need to be financed from external sources such as a public grant. The materials created will be used to apply for such grants.