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Resilience pilot programme To enhance the organisational resilience of charities

In 2020, the Badur Foundation initiated an innovative new programme to further enhance the support provided to its current and former partners. The initiative is especially timely as organisations grapple with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aim of the Resilience pilot programme is to provide complex and tailored organisational development for charities working with marginalised communities in the fields of education and development, to improve the quality of life of their beneficiaries. The intended overall outcome of the programme is to foster more resilient organisations, which can optimise their ways of working in a changing environment in order to effectively achieve their social impact.

The opportunity to participate in the first round of the programme is offered to current and former partners of the Foundation by invitation. The programme is implemented by the Badur Foundation in collaboration with the Flow Foundation.

Development will be provided to participating organisations in the following areas:

Trainers' list

Development is provided in a complex way through group workshops, individual consultations and financial support. The structure of the programme is:

During the workshop phase, organisations will have the opportunity to participate in a holistic workshop programme lasting 10.5 days. Teams will deepen their understanding, enabling them to better address organisational challenges with the help of practical assignments provided by the trainers. In addition, each team will receive vital individual support by pro bono mentors and the whole workshop process will be supported by an online platform, Promote®. The training will last from April to July 2021.

At the end of the workshop phase, the organisations will present their findings and development plan to the Badur Foundation and the staff of the Flow Foundation (in September 2021). Based on this, the Board of Trustees of the Badur Foundation will decide on further professional and financial support.

In the second phase of the programme, 3-4 organisations will receive customised professional and financial support tailored to their development needs. The capacity building period covers 2 years, from September 2021 to September 2023. During the second year, Trustees will reaffirm the support to each individual organisation based on the results of the first year.

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A Badur Alapítvány és a Flow Alapítvány önkéntes mentorokat keres 2021. márciusában induló Rezíliencia Programjához.

További információk a programról és a jelentkezés módjáról a felhívásban találhatóak.

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