Project: Incubation Programme 2023-2026

Enhancing the organisational resilience of charities and social enterprises

Based on the valuable lessons learnt from its previous programmes, in 2023 the Foundation launched its newest and most innovative organisational development programme for charities and social enterprises.

The Incubation Programme offers complex and tailored organisational development via workshops, individual expert consultations, peer learning opportunities and financial support. Through these means, the Foundation hopes to help charities and social enterprises to operate in a stable, sustainable and professional way even in the rapidly changing social, political and financial environment of our current times.

 The Incubation Programme focuses on the following development areas:

  • Strategic goals and social impact

  • Leadership and organisational development, including volunteer management

  • Financial management and planning

  • Fundraising

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Communication

  • Impact measurement

  • Business planning (for social enterprises)

The structure of the programme:

The programme consists of three phases: a workshop phase, a one-on-one development phase and a capacity building phase.

1.    During the workshop phase, organisations participated in different workshops and start to form their self-diagnosis and development plan. This phase was implemented by the Badur Foundation in close collaboration with SIMPACT. Out of ten participating organisations, eight moved onto the one-on-one development phase.

2.    In the one-on-one development phase, organisations detail their development plan with the help of individual expert support and volunteer mentors. At the end of this phase, their self-diagnosis and development plans are complete and they present this to the Foundation’s Trustees.

3.    In the capacity building phase, organisations receive customised professional and financial support tailored to their needs, and work towards the goals set in their development plans. The implementation of the development plan is a 2-year process, with an additional 1-year follow-up. 

Participating organisations:

- Dr. Ambedkar School

- Névtelen Utak Alapítvány (Anonymous Ways Foundation)

- BHRG Foundation

- Diverzitás Alapítvány (Diversity Foundation)

- Egyesek Youth Association

- Létra Egyesület (Ladder Association)

- Menhely Alapítvány (Shelter Foundation)

- UCCU: Roma Informal Educational Foundation

 Two additional organisations participated in the workshop phase:

- Tandem Színház (Tandem Theatre)

- UtcaSZAK Cultural Association

Final pitch:

On 27th November 2023, the Foundation’s Trustees will review the final development plans and select the organisations who will progress to the capacity building phase. Selected organisations will receive personalised professional and financial support tailored to their individual needs and work towards the goals set in their development plan. The capacity building period will start in January 2024 and end in December 2025, with an additional year of monitoring.