Project: Conservation Collective

Protecting, restoring and regenerating nature in Malta

To better understand the Maltese environmental landscape, including key challenges, priorities and opportunities, the Foundation supported the Conservation Collective to commission a scoping report. From this, the Malta Environment Foundation was launched with the aim of nurturing Malta's nature.

Ahead of supporting grassroots NGOs in Malta, the Foundation sought to understand the environmental and social context of the islands. At the same time, the Conservation Collective aimed to establish the Malta Environment Foundation (MEF), to protect and restore nature along the coastal, terrestrial, and marine ecosystems of Malta.

Conservation Collective is a network of local foundations funding effective grassroots conservation initiatives to protect the environment, restore nature and safeguard against climate change.

The Foundation awarded a grant to Conservation Collective to work with a local environmental consultant, to assess the environmental and conservation needs and priorities, along with the social and economic contexts of the region.

The following thematic areas were identified as priorities in the report:

  • Protect, preserve and regenerate Maltese ecosystems and biodiversity;

  • Help native species to thrive;

  • Slow down and adapt to climate change;

  • Reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The report also identifies the key environmental actors in the region. Click here to read a summary of the scoping report.

The Malta Environment Foundation has now launched, with the Badur Foundation taking a place on its steering committee. The scoping report has played an important role in informing the direction of MEF's work, and the Foundation looks forward to working closely with MEF to create a sustainable, resilient future for Malta’s wildlife and communities.