Project: Cultural Heritage Publications

Printing of two cultural heritage publications

The Foundation understands the importance of recording cultural practices, ceremonies and knowledge which is passed down from generation to generation. This heritage provides communities with a sense of identity and continuity, promoting respect for cultural diversity.

The Foundation supported the production of two publications recognising the importance for the people of Laos of maintaining a physical record of their cultural heritage.

“Korb Jai Ti Lieow Boeng” (“Thank you for looking here”) is a School Book on Lao Ceremonies. It is still the only book in the Lao language on the country’s ceremonies and rituals. The original book was printed in 2000 but has been out of print for a number of years despite it continuing to be listed on the national curriculum for secondary schools. The Foundation funded the printing of 23,500 copies of the book.

“Pha Bunchankeo Photichitto and Lao Language” is a linguistic study of the Lao language in the form of a dictionary. The book contains the facsimile of a rare manuscript found quite recently in one of the monasteries. It could become an important piece of research material for university students, monks and international scholars. The Foundation funded the printing of 3,000 copies of the dictionary.

Both books have been published in collaboration with the National Library of Laos and distributed freely to schools, public libraries and monasteries throughout the provinces. The Library’s efficient system of “travelling libraries” also takes the two books to even the very remote parts of the country.

The cover of the new school book entitled "Thank you for looking here".
The history and philology of the Lao language published in a dictionary format.
The interior of the Lao Dictionary book, digitised from the originally typed document with hand written annotations.