Project: Sector Mapping

Sector mapping of educational programmes

Romaversitas Foundation has initiated a sector mapping overview in order to identify and scrutinise existing educational programmes that support Roma and/or disadvantaged students. The goal of the sector mapping is to promote cooperation that safeguards, strengthens and expands the long-term social impact of these organisations.

The sector mapping focuses on organisations that help Roma and/or disadvantaged young people in the field of education. The aim of the research is to map out what kind of programmes and mentoring opportunities are available for students throughout their journey from early childhood to the age of 35.

The research collects data about the target groups of the initiatives by age, as well as on their geographical coverage. Moreover, the sector mapping examines methodologies and best practices that could be adopted in areas where support is not currently available for disadvantaged students.

The long-term goal of the sector mapping is to encourage partnerships and foster collaborations between non-profit organisations, in order to decrease the dropout rate for disadvantaged students at different educational stages and to support them throughout their careers to achieve their academic goals.

The research gathers information about the existing programmes through questionnaires, as well as conducting and analysing interviews with experts in the field and professionals from non-profit organisations. One of the short-term goals of the mapping is to establish a CRM system with an open data source, which can be accessed by organisations who are looking for partnerships to
achieve their long-term social impact in a more effective and efficient way.

In the first phase of the research, a questionnaire has been disseminated. The questionnaire is available via the following link.

The research is conducted by Absolute Giving Nonprofit Ltd. in collaboration with CEU Romani Studies Program and Badur Foundation.

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