Project: Wonderworkshop Association

Part of the Resilience Programme

Wonderworkshop Association supports Csobánka’s disadvantaged/ highly disadvantaged community, which is overrepresented by Roma. The overarching aim is to improve their quality of life and give them tools and support to achieve their goals. In response to problems arising from poverty, racism, and deficiencies in the education system, the Association has developed a complex programme reaching all age groups. Striving for the stabilisation of its programmes, Wonderworkshop Association participates in the Resilience Programme initiated by the Badur Foundation.

The Association first launched an afterschool programme in Csobánka in 2012. The goal was to support the education and personal development of vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 18. It soon became clear that there needed to be a wider support system with active stakeholder participation, leading to the development of five more educational and community programmes. The Complex Programme for Equal Opportunities (Komplex Esélyteremtési Program, KEP), therefore, has the following 6 independent but interrelated elements:

- The Early Childhood Programmes address the needs of children aged 0-6 and their mothers by offering skill development competence-developing and experience-based sessions.

- The Afterschool Programme provides afternoon classes for children until the age of 18, who are at risk of falling behind with their studies. The individual or group sessions are designed with pedagogical methods and tailored to personal needs and skills.

- The Girls’ Group Programme engages young girls aged 14-19 to come together, share their thoughts in a safe place, and support each other.

- The Adult Education Programme offers access to primary and vocational education to adults over 16 who have dropped out of the school system. The programme also aims to help their integration to the labour market.

- The purpose of the Community Coordination Programme is to bring community power to life and work on problems that affect the marginalised residents with the involvement of local stakeholders. As part of the programme, the Association employs three local community assistants, thereby channelling local needs into the organisation and helping to embed the programmes.

- The Civil Network offers regular consultations and training opportunities to the volunteers, professionals, and local stakeholders cooperating with the Association.

Over the years, the methodology of the programmes has strengthened and the demand has increased. When entering the Resilience Programme, the team’s goal was to reach and maintain the long-term sustainability of the organisation and the long-term continuity of the KEP programmes. After participating in a holistic workshop series covering the different aspects of organisational functions, the team formulated its development plan. Support from the Badur Foundation has enabled the Association to focus on this plan.

The 3-year long implementation phase of the Resilience Programme started in January 2022, and the Wonderworkshop Association made strides to strengthen its fundraising and communication activities from the beginning. By running various fundraising campaigns, having several media appearances, and expanding its circle of supporters, volunteers and friends, the Association has already taken successful steps towards stabilisation. The Badur Foundation continues to work with the team and monitor the implementation of their development plan.

Wonderworkshop Association
Wonderworkshop Association
Wonderworkshop Association
Wonderworkshop Association
Wonderworkshop Association