Our Approach

We support a small number of organisations that are embedded in the communities they seek to help.

We take a relationship-based approach to grant making. Our first step is to listen to organisations and understand the complex needs of those they serve. We believe the best delivery mechanism for social change is to partner with dedicated teams who have the necessary experience and knowledge, and who ensure their beneficiaries’ voices are heard at every stage.

Our approach means we regularly visit organisations to better appreciate their work, along with any challenges they face.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with our grantees, working together to find practical solutions.

Wherever possible, we provide holistic support utilising the skills of our team and wider network in addition to funding. We also tailor our funding and support based on the needs, size and stage of each organisation rather than setting this in advance.

Organisational development is a key feature of our work and we aim to nurture organisations to become more resilient to an ever-changing environment. From helping an organisation to strengthen its financial management, through to growing or adapting its work, we want to help our partners to optimise their ways of working in order to better achieve their purpose.

We’re a proactive grant maker, meaning we identify potential partners and opportunities through our own research and networks. We will continue to evolve our support as the needs of communities change. Find out more about our work in Hungary, where we also run an incubation programme.

What we look for:

  • We prioritise small and medium sized organisations that are locally embedded and operate at a community level. We don’t tend to fund those who are already achieving widespread support.
  • We look for grassroots organisations providing sustained, holistic support rather than one-off events or signposting.
  • We value organisations that challenge societal attitudes towards social exclusion, and who are striving to improve the inclusion of marginalised groups/individuals.
  • We believe social enterprises have an important role to play in tackling poverty and inequality, as well as addressing environmental challenges. By trading a product or service, they are uniquely placed to reinvest profits back into their social business or the local community. We particularly seek social enterprises that create training and employment opportunities for those who need them most.
  • We support organisations based in the UK, Hungary, Laos and Malta

If, after reading the above, you believe your work is a strong fit with us, you may get in touch by emailing contact-us@badurfoundation.org.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have proactively supported the teams, charities and social enterprises in our network. Read more about our Covid-19 response.