Project: Launching a Sandwich Manufactory

Creating employment opportunities for a vulnerable community

Since 2003, Tegyünk Egymásért Egyesület (Let’s Help Each Other Association) has been active in Pécs-Somogy, one of the most impoverished neighbourhoods of Pécs. Its work focuses on community building and employment generating activities.

The Association works with vulnerable people living in Pécs-Somogy. Besides community development, it has been running entrepreneurial activity for three years, which aims to create occasional job opportunities for disadvantaged people.To expand its business of selling chips and donuts at nearby festivals, the Association launched a sandwich manufactory in 2021 in order to create additional employment opportunities. The business model was designed in the Hatchery Programme. Badur Trustees awarded financial support to create the kitchen and purchase kitchen equipment for the manufactory. Badur also provided further professional support, which aims to ensure the successful implementation of the business idea.

The initial experiences of the sandwich manufactory are promising. The Association is developing stable resale cooperation with local shops and expanding its product range in accordance with customer requirements.

Under the Hatchery Programme, the Association was also awarded a loan to purchase a second set of equipment for its chips and donuts stand so that it could increase sales at festivals. After the cancellation of festivals due to COVID-19, the Association decided to delay the use of the loan and may draw it down later in consultation with the Foundation.

Banner photo credit: Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash.

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