Our Work in Malta

We have extended our support to include grassroots organisations operating in Malta.

Given the challenges facing Malta's already fragile environment, our initial focus is on addressing environmental challenges in order to bolster local conservation initiatives.

Overdevelopment, habitat degradation, pollution and biodiversity loss are some of the key issues facing Malta's environment. Yet despite the adversities it faces, Malta’s wildlife has adapted and evolved, thanks to efforts from local people who are dedicating their time and skills to safeguard Malta’s natural landscape. 

We will work closely with a small number of grassroots teams, helping them to develop, deliver and scale their initiatives as effectively as possible. 

We are also speaking to a number of voluntary organisations and experts working to tackle poverty and inequality in Malta, particularly those working at the intersection of social and environmental issues. We will use this feedback to better understand the needs being met, as well as to inform our work and approach going forward.

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