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Menjek/Maradjak (Leave/Stay) Film documenting migration of Hungarian Youth

The Menjek/Maradjak (Leave/Stay) film project "Future of the Hungarian Youth in London" documents the current migration of Hungarian youth and its lasting effects.

Hungary has seen a significant migration of its population, in particular their youth, over the past two decades. There is also a growing number who are thinking and talking about emigrating, which could have a lasting impact on the social and economic welfare of the country’s future.

The Menjek/Maradjack (Leave/Stay) documents Hungarians living abroad, looking in depth at the positives, negatives and challenges that they face in their new home. The Menjek/Maradjack (Leave/Stay) project believes that it is important that the stories and experiences of those who have made the decision to leave are recorded and available for the public in a more interesting and informative way then just statistics. It also seeks to address the perception that life outside of Hungary is much better when it is actually a struggle without even the support of friends and family.

The Hungarian premier of the film was held on Friday 13th June 2014 in Budapest with the London premier held on Saturday 4th October 2014. Please click here to download the full film with English subtitles.

The Leave/Stay London project was awarded a 2014 Erasmus Euromedia Award for “outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system”. The documentary was selected from 70 international finalists.

Erasmus Award
Erasmus Award